We know today that the world changed on November 22, 1963, BUT what if the events of that day could’ve been prevented? As an employee at the Texas State Book Depository, you will have the opportunity to pursue clues that were left behind by a new coworker who suspiciously called in sick to work that day. He had been assigned to work on “The 6th Floor”…now you have to cover for him. Shortly after you clock in, you begin to get the feeling that someone didn’t want people up there this particular morning. Will you be able to piece together the information in time and notify the presidential motorcade of the impending danger? (BEGINNER - INTERMEDIATE LEVEL room designed for groups of 3-6 people)


6th Floor.jpg

the recipe

Hastings, Nebraska was put on the map in the 1920's when a particular recipe was discovered that would completely revolutionize the beverage industry. Lost somewhere in recorded history is the fact that 'The Recipe' was actually stolen from it's original! You had planned on opening a factory in Hastings with your business partner but he turned his back on you, stole your idea, and is planning to catch the next train to Chicago! Will you be able to retrieve 'The Recipe' and help re-write history for Hastings? (INTERMEDIATE - ADVANCED LEVEL room designed for groups of 3-6 people)



THE toy room

It's 7:00am and you have to be to work for an important interview in an hour. You can't find your keys and your phone is nowhere to be found! Your wallet is missing too! The kids were playing with some of your things in their Toy Room last night but you didn't think much about it. If you're late for this interview, you might not have a shot at that promotion you've been waiting for! Will you be able to find your things before you're late to work?!? (INTERMEDIATE LEVEL room designed for groups of 3-6 people)


The Office is one of a few escape rooms at Trapped Downtown